Flicka is born in Sofia but has a multicultural soul.
She speaks the body language and love to travel!
She is here to challenge the way we wear jewelry...

Flicka Jewelry is the work of Daniela Staykova and Yoana Adam. Landscape architects by profession, they are committed to changing perceptions of how jewelry is worn. The standard necklace is passé.

Most designs are made using steel, as well as natural, synthetic and faceted stones. Each design relies on different accents of color and material.

Flicka is inspired by women such as Carmen from Bizet’s opera, Cassandra, and all charismatic and spirited women around the world, walking the metropolitan streets every day.

We are Flicka, we make beautiful jewelry for naturally beautiful women, inside and out.


pron. fl-e-ka 
a real pretty, genuine girl.
a beyond beautiful girl. No make-up and she is still gorgeous.
flicka means girl in Swedish

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